Broiler Poultry Farms

Broiler Poultry farms are associated with the production of special variety of poultry meat that is prevalent in not more than half a dozen of countries in the globe.

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Broiler Poultry Farms

Broiler is somehow similar to other poultry birds, but they are scientifically developed to produce more meat for consumption purpose. In India, raising poultry is a thriving business justifying the fact majority of the population consumes broiler chicken as a part of main gourmet menu.

This calls for a stringent check on the birds being raised – to certify that they are absolutely healthy to eat and supplies generous nutrition to body.

Indian Poultry Industry

Indian Poultry industry forms one of the top-notch agricultural sectors that contribute significantly to the national gourmet basket. So, it is ensured that the chicken raising process follows strict guidelines and stringent hygiene policies.

Several measures taken by various broiler chicken farms to supply you with best quality chicken are

Careful selection of breeding products and technology.

Advanced Environmental Control to ensure the breeding is consistent all through.Careful selection of breeding products and technology.

The breeding area is maintained thoroughly to keep it hygienic all through the year.

Ensure that the chicken is fed with clean water and proper disinfectant is used all through the poultry area to keep pests and insects away.

The birds are fed with high quality food to produce high quality meat. Broiler Chicken is fed with quality food to ensure that it becomes rich in protein and contain optimal calorie content. Quality food includes:

Two vital amino acids – lysine and methionine blended into poultry food to convert produce more tender meat.

Not more than 6% of fibre is mixed with the food to provide optimal muscle growth.

Minerals like Potassium, Iodine, Zinc and Manganese Sulphate are introduced into bird food to produce quality meat.

Vitamins like Vitamin A, B2, D3, B12 and K are included proportionally into broiler food.

Broiler Poultry Farms

Broiler Poultry Farms in India has encountered a steadfast growth in last three decades contributing to the broiler populace of 2300 million in 2011-12. The figure directly ranks India as the fifth largest broiler chicks suppliers in the world. The thriving of this industry is attributed to the fact that several corporate sectors have clubbed up with State Government/ Government of India to design and follow stringent policies. This has further benefited in development of quality vaccines and medicines ensuring that the chicken bred for consumption are of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to human body.

So, let’s take a look at the nutritional benefits of broiler chicken:

The tender, luscious and soft meat isn’t only delicious but salubrious too! Poultry Chicken forms the most important source for protein, vitamins and minerals of human diet.

Rich in amino acids, broiler chicken helps your kid grow faster and taller.

The Polyunsaturated fats contained in chick meat provide essential nutrients to people with poor heart.

A Quick Look at Chicken for Health

Chicken is an important source of energy and protein. This makes it a must-have inclusion in the diets for people of all ages. Chicken when cooked with herbs and spices becomes irresistibly delicious that encourages even the fussiest of eater have a plateful of chicken.

A Quick Look at Chicken for Health

Kids can benefit a lot from chicken prep ups as it helps them grow stronger and taller, build a stronger immune system and even help develop sharp brain. For women it comes with ample benefits in the form of pre-menstrual stress releaser, provide essential nutrients to regulate haemoglobin content, fight degenerative joint pains, strengthen bone after thirties and finally aid pregnant ladies to provide essential nutrients to her unborn baby.

A Quick Look at Chicken for Health

Chicken regulates testosterone level in men, regulates their metabolism and acts as an anti-depressant to help them cope up with imposing work pressure in office. Even for athletes, chicken is highly salubrious considering that it replenishes the essential energy requirement in hard working athletes. Additionally, it helps an athlete to build stronger muscles and stealthier body.

A Quick Look at Chicken for Health

For people who have reached their senior age, chicken helps them keep off from osteoporosis, keep up with sound heart, have healthy teeth in the seventies to chew their esteemed delicacies and also help them keep cholesterol on check.

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